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Coaching for couples who yearn for more connection and less conflict with their blended families

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Can You Relate with Any of These Family Struggles?

Making it all work can feel overwhelming


Does your relationship lack intimacy? Has your sex life changed for the worse?


Are you unsure how to navigate conflict? Do you avoid it altogether?


Are you afraid you’re headed for a break-up?


I was Right There with You...

Karin Calde, PHD, CPC,

IFS-Informed relationship Coach

I know how overwhelming it can be to have competing needs: you want to raise happy, well-adjusted kids, AND nurture your relationship with your new partner. Sometimes, those two things don’t seem compatible. I remember how excited I was to be moving in with this amazing, new person in my life. But reality set in quickly. I remember sitting at the dinner table all together, but my partner might as well have been in another room, with how little he and my kids spoke to one another or even made eye contact. This was not how I’d imagined our life! They weren’t connecting and didn’t seem understand one another. There was an ex-spouse who was also deep in old habits of not following through on obligations, which left me feeling extremely frustrated. Three years in and things are MUCH better.

Without a doubt, parenting while building a romantic relationship in a blended family is often HARD. There’s an extra level of complexity that can’t be denied. Despite best intentions, things don’t always go as planned. But as crazy and chaotic as it can feel, there is a path from where you are now to where you want to be, and I can show you the way.

As a stepfamily coach, I help parents and stepparents just like you navigate the choppy waters of parenting while nurturing your relationship with your partner. Doing it alone, guessing your way forward, it can feel impossible. But with a guide by your side, pointing the way, it is within your reach.

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As your coach, I’ll personally guide you through this process, always considering your family’s unique needs, identity, and other important life circumstances. No matter how your relationship is structured, I can help you achieve your goals for your family. I’ll offer you ideas and tools based in solid research. To learn all the details, click the button below. You deserve to have more love in your life!

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